Freeborn Coffee, is committed to fair trade. Our goal is to promote the development and enrichment of the local community, from the workers at the estate plantation to the small coffee farms to the consumer. Our trading partners ensure that the farmers and workers are paid fairly and are a part of a cooperative to ensure quality control and accountability for fair trade.


The quality of our rich and flavorful brews, begins well before it gets to the roasteries. All of our coffees are:

  • all natural and Certified USDA organic
  • high altitude & shade grown
  • specialty-grade arabica


Although the coffee is exceptionally exquisite, there are other reasons that set us apart from other companies. Ten percent of all our profits are distributed back to our local community through schools, organizations and clubs. We believe that charity, dedication and contribution to local communities should be a top priority.


Freeborn’s goal is to be a driving force in the enrichment and development of our communities. We hope to protect our environment, serve the community and bring you the best cup of coffee you’ll ever have.